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Hire the brightest talents with our expertise in 100% HUMANIZED recruitment. Assemble your dream team with the best professionals in the market tailored to your unique characteristics and culture

Our Purpose as a Company and Values

We help people

We assist individuals and young people who desire opportunities, including providing training and certifications.

We Fill Your Positions:

We receive the job openings and recommend professionals aligned with the skills and culture your company is seeking.

Talent Pool

We select new individuals weekly for the talent pool to refer to our collaborators.

Transparency and Ethics

We maintain a transparent feedback culture for companies and candidates, ensuring clear communication throughout the selection process.

What Sets Us Apart?

In this era of technology, where automation and artificial intelligence are becoming more dominant, we guarantee that our recruitment processes are 100% humanized. Every phase of our process is assessed by people.

See how we do this:

Humanized Recruitment

We prioritize personal touch in our recruitment process, ensuring that every candidate's experience is engaging and respectful.

Personalized Candidate Engagement

Our approach involves understanding the individual needs and aspirations of each candidate, aligning them with the culture and values of your organization.

Cultural Fit Analysis

We go beyond skills and experience by assessing how well potential hires will integrate with your team, enhancing team cohesion and company culture.

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Business Goal

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Our Recruitment Process

What makes our process different from the rest?

Besides our recruitment processes being humanized, we provide courses and certifications for professionals who were not selected. We ensure attentiveness to both the company and the job candidate!


Initial Interview

We conduct interviews to get to know the candidates and to introduce GREE and our client. If the candidate is applying for bilingual positions, we perform the interview in the language relevant to the job opening. Currently, the languages we operate in are Portuguese, Spanish, and English.


Skills Assessment

We evaluate the candidates’ skills, including conducting tests to ensure alignment with the job description.


Interview with the Client

We prepare the candidate for the interview with the client who is looking to fill the position. We facilitate communication between the client and the candidate, providing feedback, whether it is positive or negative.


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